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Pet Rabbit Care – 7 Top Tips

Pet rabbit care is one of the essential part of having pet rabbits around. This is one of the factors every owner / breeders must be familiar with. Depending on how you treat rabbits, they could live up to 5-7 years long but if you are neglectful and uncaring, those wonderful years that they are supposedly be spending playing and loving you could be cut short. Rabbits are energetic creatures. Imagine their heartbeat comes in a leaping 300 per minute. Their body temperature though when compares to human are very high, they have the normal body temp of 39.5C to be exact that’s why when it increase form that normal temp then your pet rabbit is definitely running a fever. This falls again under the pet rabbit care rules.

Rabbits are very clean even those who are not domesticated. They love to dig holes and chew and chew almost anything that goes in their ways. Rabbits love entertainments and fun. You also must provide toys for them to avoid them to become stressed out because when rabbits are stressed, be careful, they might do something drastic to themselves or worse to your stuff.

Pet rabbit care has many different factors that every owner / breeders should consider if they want their pet rabbits to stay with them for a long period of time. They can provide them good quality foods, toys to keep them occupied and shelter to keep them warm and safe and a good place to rest after a day’s work.

Here are some of the important things you must know regarding pet rabbit care:

1. Make sure the rabbit you choose to keep as pet is right for you.

2. Provide them their supplies such as food, shelter, meds, toys, vitamins, pet insurance as well as vet regular visits.

3. Choose the right size of cage or hutch for your pet rabbit. Make sure that it is bigger than your pet rabbit.

4. Feed your pet rabbits the right kind of food. Do not give them too many sweets because these are harmful to them as well as human sweets.

5. You must also give them toys to keep them stressed free. Make sure you give them toys that are free from any harmful chemicals such as lead.

6. You can also litter train your rabbit thus need a lot of patience from the owner. Do not force them to do the things you want them to do.

7. Make sure you brush or comb their fur regularly to prevent it from tangles and formation of hairballs which is dangerous to their health.